Why choose us

If you’re looking for a qualified and reliable partner to build outstanding products, then do not hesitate to contact us.

We are experts

With 85 years of manufacturing experience behind us, we transfer manufacturing know-how and passion for details into products that are made of a combination of different materials and technologies.

We have a consultative approach

We assess different production approaches and materials in search for cost reductions and time savings, helping our clients to sell successful products and gain market share. Our clients’ manufacturing problems are our problems.

We are obsessed with customer service and product quality

We are committed to provide superior value and customer experience, we act as a single point of contact, we take care of the back-end while our clients focus on the front-end.

We are present internationally

With 5 production plants in 3 countries across Europe and the USA, and about 20 export countries, Minelli knows very well what does it mean to serve clients worldwide.

We have a distributed production model

We believe that excellence can only be achieved when working with the best players in the industry. This is why Minelli Systems builds your products by fully utilizing the network of suppliers in our territory. A distributed network is also a more robust, more flexible and more reliable network, it makes it easier to scale up/down production, and it represents a model where innovation can penetrate from each direction.

We are innovators

Whether in the production technology used to make a product, or in the materials used, or in the way the product is used, Minelli Systems approaches each project with the desire to push the boundaries of innovation.

We seek sustainable production models

Not only does Minelli Systems manufactures excellent products, but it also does so with a special focus on the principles of sustainable development: economic viability (profit), environmental protection (planet), and social equity (people).

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