Who We Are

Minelli System provides manufacturing services to household and cosmetic packaging companies worldwide who are obsessed with excellence. Technical expertise, innovative spirit, consultative approach, focus on delivering value, reliability, and a sustainable model of product manufacturing: this is what we offer.

Since excellence can only be achieved when working with the best players in the industry, Minelli Systems builds your products by fully utilizing the network of suppliers in our territory. Our tagline is “Manufacturing Together” precisely to indicate that we are the central node of a network of suppliers which share know-how and competences.

If you’re looking for a qualified and reliable partner to build outstanding products, Minelli Systems wants to be part of your team.

Our values


Our team is committed to making quality products and offering high standards of service. We proudly pursue a business model that is based on certain core values that, taken together, determine our way of being, our actions, and our relationship with our customers.

85 years of Experience


Minelli successfully designs, produces and exports premium custom-made wood components since 1937. Proudly serving the leading brands in each of its business sectors, nowadays Minelli has a strong international presence with 5 production plants in 3 different countries, exporting to more than 20 countries and counting 300 employees worldwide.

Minelli Systems offers manufacturing services for products that are “wood and more”. Minelli Systems is an emanation of the Minelli Group because it inherits its expertise, technologies, corporate robustness, and the culture of making.

If you want to bring your ideas into existence with a team focused on manufacturing know-how and fluid communication, to ensure all your needs are continually supported, then Minelli Systems wants to be part of the discussion!

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